Platinum hits the rewind button to avoid the mess that is the Michael Bay films completely to instead give us a stylish action game based off the first generations of Transformers. Made the most evident by the footage of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee taking on Constructacons.

While the footage had many familiar aspects to fans of Platinum games (Bayonetta’s Witch Time makes an appearance) there are also moves that only an Autobot can pull off. Many attack strings involved mid-combo transformations such as Optimus doing donuts to swing his trailer around and hit several baddies or Bumblebee turning into a car mid air-combo and somehow gaining the momentum to ram into enemies several times in order to keep them in air and continue his combo. Your characters also seem to have powerful guns that momentarily turn the game into a 3rd person, over the shoulder, shooter and at any moment you’re given enough breathing room to aim a few well placed shots. Optimus was even able to shoot while in his truck form although the lack of a aiming reticle implies this will take a bit of skill to do quickly.

Optimus, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack and Grimlock are confirmed to be all of the playable characters in this game as the game will all be from an Autobots point of view so no playable Megatron. No playable Starscream. And sadly, no playable Soundwave doing cassette tape combos (Also no playable female transformers but it’s not exactly Platinum’s fault there aren’t a lot to choose from in this generation).

Out of the playable character only Optimus and Bumblebee were shown off extensively but I am excited to see the rest of the characters and get my hands on this game. The last licensed title Platinum got their hands on was Legend of Korra which was fun but clearly on a budget. This will be a full retail game instead of a downloadable title so we can all expect the bombastic nature of Platinum’s other games from this title. Check out the footage below.

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